AKS Metal Detector – The Ultimate Treasure Finder

AKS Metal Detector – The Ultimate Treasure Finder

AKS Metal Detector – The Ultimate Treasure Finder


Are you an avid treasure hunter? Look no further! The AKS Metal Detector is here to revolutionize your treasure hunting experience. With its high sensitivity and precise positioning detection system, this handheld underground metal finder is designed to help you discover gold, silver, copper, and precious stones with ease.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Gross Weight: 1460g / 51.5oz
  • Metal Detector Size: 31×16.5CM / 12.2×6.5in
  • Accessory Size: 11.5×7.5×3.5CM / 4.5×3.0x1.4in
  • Voltage: 100-240V
  • Range: 800 meter / 2624.7ft
  • Depth: 14 meters / 45.9ft
  • Host Battery: NiMH rechargeable battery, AAA, 1600MAH (Built-in Battery)
  • Transmitter Accessory Battery: NiMH rechargeable battery, AAA, 1200MAH (Built-in Battery)
  • Transmission Frequency: 5.6-6KHz
  • Signal Frequency: 360-440Hz
  • Detection Type: Gold, silver, copper, and treasure stones
  • Charging Time: 10-12 hours
  • Application: Metal Search

How It Works

The AKS Metal Detector is incredibly easy to use. Simply turn on the host detector, switch on the sensor, and press the button corresponding to the item you want to detect. Adjust the depth and range search function on the host detector to start your treasure hunt. When detecting the designated object, the detector will sway from side to side, with the amplitude of the swing increasing as the detected object gets larger.


High Sensitivity

This gold finder detector is equipped with a high sensitivity remote search system and a precise positioning detection system. It can easily find metal objects that are useful to you, greatly improving the work efficiency of treasure hunters.

Multifunctional Precise Search

The AKS Metal Detector can accurately determine the buried position of the object and identify the specific type of metal. With its microcomputer-controlled calibration chip unit, it can quickly scan and detect a large search range and deep detection depth. It is suitable for detecting metal, gold, silver, copper, and treasure stones.


This metal treasure finder gold diamond scanner is designed with an impressive 800m / 2624.7ft long searching range and 14m / 45.9ft detection depth. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery, allowing for easy charging with a direct connection to the charger. The charging time is only 10-12 hours, making it convenient for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Lightweight & Easy to Carry

Weighing only 1460g / 51.5oz, this lightweight travel metal detector is easy to store and carry. It is not only an excellent choice for travel, vacations, camping trips, and outings, but also a great gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

100% Quality Assurance

We are confident in the quality of the AKS Metal Detector and provide a 24-month warranty or refund for it. If you have any questions about your purchase, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to solve your problem within 24 hours.


Unleash your inner treasure hunter with the AKS Metal Detector. With its high sensitivity, precise search capabilities, and long-range detection, this rechargeable gold detector is a must-have for anyone passionate about finding gold, silver, copper, and precious stones. Get yours today and embark on an exciting treasure hunting journey!