Ibanez Performance Series PF12MHCE-OPN – Full Size Electro-Acoustic Guitar – Exotic Wood – Open Pore Natural

Ibanez Performance Series PF12MHCE-OPN – Full Size Electro-Acoustic Guitar – Exotic Wood – Open Pore Natural


The Ibanez Performance Series PF12MHCE-OPN is a stunning 6-string electro-acoustic guitar that offers professional features, exceptional quality, and a great sound. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced guitarist, this guitar is designed to meet your needs. With its exotic wood construction and open pore natural finish, it not only looks beautiful but also delivers a pure organic tone.


Exotic Wood Construction

The PF12MHCE-OPN features an exotic Okoume top, back, and sides, which enhances the guitar’s tone and aesthetics. The low-gloss open-pore finish allows the instrument to resonate freely, resulting in a rich and vibrant sound.

Comfortable Neck Design

The PF12 neck design is tactile and responsive, providing a comfortable and precise playing experience. Whether you prefer strumming or fingerstyle, this guitar’s neck is designed to accommodate your playing style.

High-Quality Hardware

Equipped with vintage-style chrome die-cast tuners, the PF12MHCE-OPN ensures precise and stable tuning. The Ibanez Advantage Bridge pins and tortoiseshell rosette add to the guitar’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Onboard Preamp

The Ibanez AEQ-2T preamp with an onboard tuner allows you to easily tune your guitar and adjust the sound to your preference. With a 2-band EQ and volume control, you have total control over your live performances or studio/home recording sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this guitar suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Ibanez Performance Series PF12MHCE-OPN is suitable for beginners. It offers a comfortable neck design and easy-to-use onboard controls, making it ideal for learning and practicing.

2. Does the guitar come with a battery?

Yes, the guitar comes with a 9v PP3 battery, which powers the onboard preamp and tuner.

3. Can I use this guitar for live performances?

Absolutely! The PF12MHCE-OPN is designed for both practice and performance. Its onboard preamp allows you to plug into an amplifier or PA system, making it perfect for live performances.


The Ibanez Performance Series PF12MHCE-OPN is a high-quality electro-acoustic guitar that offers exceptional sound, playability, and craftsmanship. With its exotic wood construction, comfortable neck design, and onboard preamp, this guitar is suitable for beginners and experienced guitarists alike. Whether you want to practice, perform, or record, the PF12MHCE-OPN is a reliable and versatile instrument that will exceed your expectations.