Kodak AZ401RD Point & Shoot Digital Camera with 3″ LCD Red

Kodak AZ401RD Point & Shoot Digital Camera with 3″ LCD, Red

Kodak AZ401RD Point & Shoot Digital Camera with 3″ LCD, Red

Introducing the new Kodak PIXPRO AZ401 digital camera from our Astro zoom collection. A 40x Ultra long zoom lens with optical image stabilization delivers crisp, clear 16 Megapixel close-ups, 180 Degree Panorama or HD videos with the switch of a button. Object tracking, post-editing features and a host of powerful yet intuitive settings make photography with this Camera effortless, entertaining and frustration-free. Kodak PIXPRO digital cameras – Tell your story.

Key Features

High Resolution

You’ll get well defined, detailed images thanks to the AZ401’s 16 million pixels. That’s ample resolution to crop, zoom, or enlarge your photos however the photographer in you desires.

Wide Angle Lens

With a 24mm wide angle lens, there’s no sacrificing what you want in the frame. So go ahead and let your camera see what you see – the sky’s the limit!

Optical Image Stabilization

The Optical Image Stabilization will iron out any small movements as you’re focused on getting your shot, so you never have to be afraid to go for what you want.

3″ LCD Screen

Whether you’re in the moment, or modifying your work at a later time, the bright, 3″ LCD screen ensures that you end up with just what you’re looking for.

180 Degree Panorama

Capture everything in your peripherals with the 180 Degree Panorama feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the resolution of the Kodak AZ401RD?

The Kodak AZ401RD has a resolution of 16 Megapixels.

2. Does the camera have image stabilization?

Yes, the camera has optical image stabilization to reduce small movements and ensure clear shots.

3. Can I crop or zoom the photos taken with this camera?

Yes, the high resolution of the camera allows you to crop, zoom, or enlarge your photos without losing quality.

4. What is the size of the LCD screen?

The camera features a 3″ LCD screen for easy viewing and editing of your photos.

5. Can I capture panoramic photos with this camera?

Yes, the camera has a 180 Degree Panorama feature to capture wide-angle shots.


The Kodak AZ401RD Point & Shoot Digital Camera is a powerful and versatile camera that allows you to capture stunning photos and videos with ease. With its high resolution, wide angle lens, and optical image stabilization, you can confidently capture any moment without sacrificing quality. The intuitive settings and post-editing features make it a joy to use, whether you’re a professional photographer or just starting out. Tell your story with Kodak PIXPRO digital cameras.

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